Meet Bella!

If you are going to be a reader of my new blog, it will probably be important for you to know who Bella is. Bella is my almost-3 year old kitty (who thinks she’s a dog). She provides me with many laughs throughout the day and is an excellent cuddler.

The Boo!

Bella is a bit of an odd bird…err cat. She has never quite figured out how to cover up her poo when using the litter box, and to this day she suckles on and kneads a blanket. She has a strange obsession with contact solution, and her “fluffiness” may be a result of the wet food that she cries for every night.

Doing what she does best

Bella is also a sucker for attention. She loves belly rubs and having her ears scratched…and she has no problem telling you when she wants them! She is a bit pathetic at times, but that is just one of the many reasons I love her!

“Belly rub…pronto!”

Bella also has a multitude of nicknames, so if you ever see me refer to some random name, it’s probably her. Bella Boo, Boo, Boo Kitty, Princess, Lovey, the list goes on….


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