Happy Birthday, Megan!

So I am a little behind on this post, but while I was home for Thanksgiving I was also able to get together with college friends to celebrate the birth of my dear friend, Megan! Megan and I met via a high school sports discussion board about gymnastics the summer before we went to college and discovered we had actually competed against each other–small world! We have been friends ever since! Even though I live away from all of my college friends now, when we get together we always have a good time!

For her birthday, Megan decided that she wanted to go to dinner in Ohio City, an area of Cleveland I am unfamiliar with. We started at Light Bistro, a tapas restaurant for dinner. I had never been to a tapas restaurant before and was unsure what to expect. When our server told us that the Soup of the Day was butternut squash my interest was piqued. While the other girls went with pizza (a safe choice I almost settled on), I chose the butternut squash soup and a salad. I had been wanting to try butternut squash soup for a little while, and I have to say that I was pleasantly surprised! The soup was creamy and delicious and I would order it again! The salad was also delicious. I wasn’t overly stuffed at the end of the meal and was more than ready for dessert!IMG_3842

We then traveled to the Gordon Square Arts District in Cleveland (another area I am unfamiliar with) to Sweet Moses Soda Fountain & Treat Shop. Megan had been wanting to try Sweet Moses for awhile, and what the birthday girl wants, the birthday girl gets! None of us were complaining! The shop offered old-fashioned fountain drinks as well as ice cream. After looking over the menu I went with chocolate ice cream, toffee pieces, and homemade caramel sauce. I was not at all disappointed and had no trouble eating every last bite! IMG_384411-25-2012 031

We stopped inhaling our delicious ice cream to snap a few pictures. The place was decorated for Christmas, so we took advantage of the tree form some Christmas card-worthy photo ops!

With our yummy treats! Me, Jackie, Elizabeth, and Megan

With our yummy treats! Me, Jackie, Elizabeth, and Megan

11-25-2012 034

Next year’s Christmas card! Elizabeth, Jackie, Megan, and Me!

I had an awesome time celebrating Megan’s birthday and hope she did, as well! Although I am sad to be missing our little group’s Christmas celebration this weekend, I’m hoping to see all of them (as well as our other friends Kelly and Johanna) while I am in town over the holidays! College would not have been the same without these girls, and I’m lucky to still have them as friends!


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