2013: New Year, New Leaf

It’s that time of year again. 2012 is coming to a close and 2013 is right around the corner. You know what that means: resolutions! This year was the first year I can remember making a resolution (running a half marathon) that I actually kept. It’s a streak I’d like to continue this upcoming year, as well. While thinking about what resolutions I’d like to make, I realized that there are so many things I need to work on. I think this is true about pretty much everyone, but I’ve decided that 2013 is a good time to make them happen.

The resolutions I came up with fall under a variety of different themes, if you will, including health/fitness, finances, organizational, blog-related, and miscellaneous. I’m a bit concerned that I’ve made quite the list for myself, but what’s the point of New Years Resolutions if you don’t challenge yourself? I’d like to stick to my resolutions this year, and one thing that will help me do that is to share them with my blog readers. Maybe in some way it will make me feel more accountable since some of you may be striving to achieve the same things as I am! So, without further ado, my 2013 New Years Resolutions:


  • Run another marathon (perhaps the Cleveland or the Columbus again, depending on my knee)
  • Work for an 8:30 average mile speed
  • Exercise five days per week
  • PR in the 5k, half-marathon, and marathon
  • Run one race every two months to keep me motivated (if finances and work schedule allow)
  • Limit dessert to three times per week (this will be extremely difficult for me since I am a chocoholic!!)


  • Stick to $5 Savings Plan for entire year. I started doing this in August and actually saved quite a bit of money. I cheated a bit and didn’t have a specific goal in mind to save it for, but this year I plan to use it on Christmas presents!
  • Consistently add to my savings account while doing my best not to take anything out of it!
  • Pay down credit card debt significantly (not that I have a ton, but grad school did a number on my bank account!)
  • Stick to budget. I created a monthly budget for myself a while back, and recently found something I pinned on Pinterest that I plan to start using. It’s basically a budget-tracking app for your smartphone!


  • Create and follow a cleaning schedule. Again, something I found on Pinterest, and recently created one for myself!
  • Finish projects (decorating, Pinterest, etc)
  • Throw things away (I’m a bit sentimental and like to save everything)
  • Get rid of clothes I don’t wear


  • Blog 4-5 times per week (this shouldn’t be too difficult considering all of my free time)
  • Expand my blog posts to cover different topics
  • Do a better job of documenting events with pictures
  • Increase the number of people who follow my blog/read it on a regular basis


  • Keep up with oil changes and car washes (my new car is my baby, so this shouldn’t be too difficult)
  • Do a better job of sending birthday cards, snail mail, etc.
  • Make it a point to get together with friends I haven’t seen in a while on a more regular basis

So there we have it! My long list of goals for 2013! I’m sure I will fail at some while creating others, but will hopefully succeed in a lot of what I am trying to do. One thing I have realized a lot lately is that life doesn’t always go the way we plan, which means there is a good chance that some of these things might not happen because life has something else in store for me. Regardless of what does happen, I am bound and determined to make 2013 a great year! Wishing all of you a very Happy New Year! I will be celebrating with friends in North Carolina, so if you don’t hear from me for a few days you’ll know why!

  • What are some of your 2013 New Years Resolutions? How do you make sure to stick to them?
  • Any exciting plans for this New Years Eve?

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