Christmas Recap

I apologize for my lack of blogging over the last couple of weeks. This time of year is particularly busy for me, not just because of the holidays, but because of a seasonal job I have. I started working at Grabham’s, a family-owned chocolate store, when I was in high school. Since then, I have come back every Christmas to help out at the store. All of the chocolate is handmade in the store and around the holidays we get especially high numbers of orders to be shipped all over the country. That is how I spent the majority of the last two weeks! I love the family and helping out, and it just probably wouldn’t feel like Christmas if I wasn’t surrounded by chocolate and helping customers choose what candies to buy.

I even spent some time making candy: chocolate-covered Oreos!

My family’s Christmas Eve tradition is to go to my aunt and uncle’s house for an Italian feast! Each year we have antipasti trays, delicious sausage, stuffed shells, and my late great uncle’s famous salad dressing. Though I failed to take any pictures of the feast, rest assured that I ate my fair share of Italian goodness that night! After getting back home, my sister and I pretty much went straight to bed. We were exhausted after a long day, plus we couldn’t wait for Santa to come!

My sister and I on Christmas Eve

My sister and I on Christmas Eve

It used to be on Christmas morning that my parents would give us a set time, and we were not allowed out of our rooms until that time. Now, WE give THEM a time and they typically have to wake us up at that time to get us out of bed to open gifts. Oh, how times have changed! We took our time opening gifts while listening to Christmas music. I can say that this year I was extremely excited by the gifts I had purchased for my parents (and that my sister and I had purchased together for them). It’s such a good feeling to know that you have given someone a thoughtful gift that they will enjoy! After gifts, we sat down to our traditional egg casserole breakfast. Around 1:00 my dad’s family came over so we could open gifts, eat, and celebrate with them. It was another great day with family!

The Brady Girls on Christmas Day

The Brady Girls on Christmas Day

Couldn't forget the youngest and furriest Brady Girl!

Couldn’t forget the youngest and furriest Brady Girl!

A few days after Christmas, I attended the bridal shower of my good friend Johanna. Johanna and I did gymnastics together growing up, and ended up attending the same college, as well! Johanna and her fiance, Bryan, are a great couple and are a lot of fun. Though most girls from our group of friends were unable to make it, it was nice to see those that attended and to celebrate the upcoming wedding! Johanna and Bryan are getting married in July, and I am really looking forward to what I am sure will be a fun wedding!

The happy couple

The happy couple

Megan, Jo, Bryan, and me

Megan, Jo, Bryan, and me


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