Bride for a Day

This weekend, after my return from North Carolina, I got to play bride for a day! My sister is getting married this October in Ohio, but lives in Virginia. Since she was just in town for the holidays she didn’t want to travel back to attend the Today’s Bride Bridal Show. As her Maid of Honor, I took her place! I attended the show with our mom and was immediately overwhelmed by all of the vendors to talk to! So many of the vendors have contests you can enter to win money off of packages, a honeymoon, or even an iPad! I had my sister’s address and my future brother-in-law’s phone number memorized by the end of the day, but sadly no calls or emails have been received saying they won anything. I did, however, win $40 off of a tuxedo package by playing Plinko! I’m trying my luck on The Price is Right next!

My mom and I wandered around, talking with bakeries, limo companies, jewelers, and travel agencies. My sister has already found a lot of her vendors, so we were able to skip past photographers, DJs, and venues. Although we have already booked a photo booth for the wedding, my mom and I stopped a couple times to play with the ones there!



As we were talking to a woman who does customized jewelry (it’s super cute and we might have to look into it more!), we saw girls trying on wedding dresses. The lady we were talking to told us that a bridal salon was there with sample dresses at really good prices and that she was getting distracted by all of the girls trying them on as the day went on. Even though my sister has her dress, my mom and I decided it wouldn’t hurt to look. Looking turned into finding some really pretty dresses at good prices. I texted my sister and told her that if I was going to play bride, I was going to play it well. So I tried on some dresses.



Even though I liked a couple of the dresses, I didn’t want to jinx myself by buying one when I’m not even engaged. I also know myself well enough to know that when I get engaged I’m going to want to go dress shopping. Therefore, I said “no” to both dresses.

By the end of the day my shoulders were sore from carrying around massive bags full of information. Since most of that information was about honeymoon destinations, I think it’s only fair that my sister bring me along on their honeymoon, right? No? Okay. Well I suppose a postcard will do.

Even though the wedding is still nine months away, I am looking forward to standing next to my big sister as she marries her fiancee. They’ve been together for nine years so he’s pretty much already part of the family, but I’m looking forward to making it official! I am now in the process of planning the Bridal Shower and Bachelorette Party in August, which are sure to be a lot of fun! I love weddings!

Speaking of weddings, a big congratulations to my good friend Brittney and her new fiance Tyler! Tyler proposed to Brittney on New Year’s Eve, and I am honored and excited to be a bridesmaid in their wedding. Their wedding is officially set for September of this year, so this will be a fall full of weddings!

  • What are some fun ideas for bridal showers or bachelorette parties that you have planned or attended?

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