Madness. A perfect word to describe my life right now.

In just seven weeks, Runner in Stilettos will be based out of South Carolina! Craziness! Over my Spring Break I accepted a new position at a university down south and will be starting in mid-May. As a born-and-raised Ohioan, I have to admit that I’m pretty pumped for some warmer weather! I will still be four hours from the closest beach, but that’s a heck of a lot closer than I am now (sorry fellow Ohioans, Lake Erie does not count)!

Thanks to Google I found an apartment complex within 15 minutes of the campus that seems like a great place. I’m trusting the pictures on the website and the extremely helpful worker I’ve been in contact with not to let me down! Now that I have found a place to live, the fun part begins: decorating! I’m really excited about having a two bedroom apartment with a lot of space for visitors, and have been spending every spare moment brainstorming ideas to make this new place feel like home. Thanks to Pinterest, you can see all of my ideas here! For those of you who are unaware, I have a bit of an obsession with anchors and all other things nautical, and may or may not have been collecting things for my future nautical-themed guest bedroom. The time has come to make that room a reality, and I have to say I am pretty excited about it!

I’m still throwing around color scheme ideas for my guest bathroom and living room, and would love input from any interior designers with more experience than myself. In other words, anyone. Please help! Along with a new home all to myself, I will also be cooking more for myself (no more dining hall meals for this girl). So I’m also putting a call out for new yummy, healthy recipes. Hook a girl up!

I will definitely be keeping you all updated on the moving situation. I’m sure I’ll be doing lots of crafting/upcycling, along with finding good deals on necessities for my new apartment.

Speaking of madness, it’s March Madness time, ya’all (I have to practice saying “ya’all” as much as possible now that I’m moving down south. Gotta fit in)! I am far from an expert on college basketball, but ever since I had to create a bracket for my Coaching of Basketball class in college for extra credit points I am hooked! I get stressed out, for real! As of right now I am six for eight and my losses haven’t hurt me too much. However, some of the games going on currently have me on the edge of my seat and checking ESPN every 30 seconds. Did I mention I have $5 on the line? Yep, just got real. We’ll see how this goes for the next few weeks.

On that note, I’m off to relax and watch some Grey’s Anatomy! Enjoy your evening, and Happy [Almost] Friday!

  • What are your favorite color schemes for home decorating?


  • Who do you have winning it all in March Madness this year?

            I have Kansas winning against Ohio State in the Championship, though if Ohio State beat them I would totally be okay with it! O-H!


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