Flaky 5k

So I know I’m extremely behind due to my computer issues, but I wanted to take the time to write about a race I ran back in February. Myself, several of my coworkers, and a couple friends registered to run or walk the Flaky 5k in early February. According to the website, we would be running on a very flat, paved bike trail. It sounded like a pretty easy course! Unfortunately, the weather had other plans, and the course was covered in ice on the morning of the race, so the course was altered at the last minute. We ended up running a loop three times to complete the race. It ended up being 2.82 miles, so what I thought was a PR at first really wasn’t. Guess I’ll have to push harder next time!


Muskies before the race
(Back Row L-R) Emily, Barb, HerBrina, Stacey, Susan
(Front Row L-R) Allison, Me

During the race I knew that there was only one girl ahead of me, but I am a very poor judge of age and was unsure whether or not she was in my age group. As I ran, my competitive side came out and I was bound and determined not to let any other females pass me–I wanted to place!

Photo courtesy of Flaky 5k

Photo courtesy of Flaky 5k

After finishing I enjoyed some chocolate milk (best post-race snack ever!) and waited for my friends to finish. After we all finished, we headed inside to warm up and await the results!

Stacey and me post-race

Stacey and me post-race

After some confusion, it was determined that I came in 2nd place for females and was not eligible for an award for my age group. This worked out perfectly because a few of us were in the same age group and everyone was able to place! Allison came in first, followed by Madeline, then Amanda.


Winners with our medals!
(L-R Madeline, Amanda, Me, Allison)

All in all, it was a fun (but cold!) race. If I wasn’t moving to South Carolina I would definitely participate again! It was well-organized and small, which made for a fun, friendly atmosphere!


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