Wake Me Up in May

If any of you out there are expert packers or movers, or just don’t find the moving process stressful, please be my new best friend. I moved two years ago and found that stressful enough, and that was only to a new town in the same state. Now that I am moving to another state, the process has become increasingly hectic and I would be happy if someone could just wake me up in May once the move is complete and everything is settled into place. When I made the decision to move I didn’t consider everything I would need to accomplish in a matter of two months. An apartment, utilities, car insurance, a bank, counseling licensure, oh and moving in general. It’s been a bit hectic trying to work full-time and make phone calls to get things situated.

Thankfully I had yesterday and today off work, and made the drive to Arlington, Virginia on Wednesday evening to visit my sister. Between yesterday and today I have had a chance to check off several things on my to-do list (thank goodness!), and now even have time to work on the blog and plan my sister’s bridal shower. It’s been super productive and I am so happy to have had these couple days to work without distractions while my sister and her fiancé are at work.

This trip is not going to be all work and no play, though! Yesterday my sister’s fiance’, Bryan, got home from work before my sister, so we got to do a little interview for her shower. I asked Bryan 15 questions about himself and/or Erin and videotaped our conversation. I will ask Erin the same questions at her shower and we will all laugh when she gets them wrong–sorry, Erin! 🙂

After Erin got home from work, we enjoyed a delicious meal cooked by Bryan before heading to Carpool, a bar that is literally across the street from their apartment, for some March Madness! Though Carpool is a Penn State football bar, it is basketball season and these Ohio State fans were rocking their gear and cheering loudly!

Buckeye sistersMy cousin and her boyfriend, Pat, met us at the bar, so we had a decent cheering section going on. There were other Ohio State fans scattered throughout the bar, and I was even approached by a girl in the bathroom who told me she hoped our team won since it was good for her bracket. I’ll take what I can get! Though it was a nail-biter, our Bucks pulled out a win and advance to the Elite 8! Even though Miami lost, messing up my bracket slightly, between the Ohio State and Syracuse victories I am a happy girl. That Syracuse win/Indiana lost helped me take the lead in our family pool. You can bet I’ve been talking trash today while I can. Tonight we are headed to my sister’s friends’ house to watch the Madness continue!

I took a break from my productivity this afternoon to meet my sister for lunch. She always talks about Medi, which is basically a Mediterranean Chipotle. We went there today so I could see what the hype was about, and it was delicious! medi risoI had a medi riso, which is lemon and mint infused rice topped with your choice of meat and other toppings. I chose chicken with tomatoes, cucumbers, feta cheese, tzatziki, and tomato & dill salad. It was so flavorful and delicious, and I found myself wanting more chicken because it was spectacular! Sadly, Medi is not a chain and you can only find it at The Village at Shirlington in Arlington, Virginia. If you live around here or are visiting, GO! You won’t be disappointed!

The rest of the weekend we plan to check out the Cherry Blossom Festival in DC, since this is my first visit during prime cherry blossom time. I am pretty excited and promise to take lots of pictures! We’re also planning a trip to Ikea to stock up on some necessities for my move, and eat plenty of Cadbury Mini Eggs because it’s Easter and I am addicted!

Hope you all have a very Happy Easter!


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