Let’s Go Fly A Kite

After my productive day at Caribou, my sister and I wandered the shops around her office to kill time before heading to her friends’ townhouse in Alexandria. We popped into a couple cute little places, including a dog bakery/groomer/pet supply store. It was a cute idea, and I was naturally excited by all of the dogs that customers brought in with them. After walking past Cake Love, a bakery I had heard of from friends, I decided we needed to stop in and try some cupcakes. On trips to DC, we usually make a trip to Georgetown and enjoy some delicious Georgetown Cupcakes. Our favorite there is the PB Fudge, so it’s tradition now to try peanut butter chocolate cupcakes wherever we go to see how they compare. Cake Love didn’t have peanut butter chocolate, but they did have Peanut Buttercream, a yellow cupcake dipped in chocolate ganache with peanut buttercream and candied peanuts. We also tried the Fuzzy Wuzzy, a chocolate cupcake with chocolate buttercream and dark chocolate curls.




Erin trying her first bite

While the cupcakes were good, we are still on the search for a true competitor for Georgetown Cupcake’s PB Fudge.

After a disappointing night of college basketball (my bracket is officially done), we headed back to my sister’s apartment to rest up for a busy Saturday.

Around this time of year, DC is famous for their cherry blossoms. I have never been to visit my sister during prime cherry blossom season, so we decided to go check out the Cherry Blossom Festival in the city. The Cherry Blossom Festival is a month-long celebration, but this weekend was also the Kite Festival. I wasn’t sure what to expect going in, but the National Mall was packed and there were kites everywhere. Due to the recent snow and cold weather in DC, there were disappointingly few blossomed cherry blossoms.


One of the few blossomed trees


After meeting up with a couple friends from college for lunch, Erin and I walked the Mall, checking out the kites and dozens of puppies as we went. It was a beautiful, sunny, 60-degree day, with puppies everywhere, so I was in Heaven! PS Did you know that at Kite Festivals there are battling kites? Who knew that something as peaceful and fun as flying a kite could turn into something so violent?!


We stopped at the World War II Memorial for some pictures and continued our walk to the Reflecting Pool. We snapped a few more pictures, waited in an obnoxiously long line for the bathroom, and walked back to the metro.

Ohio girls! O-H!

Ohio girls! O-H!

Representing my new state of residence as of May

Representing my new state of residence as of May


A really lame joke (made by me), a segway collision, and a blistered toe later, we arrived at the Clarendon metro stop for dinner and more wandering. I can’t go visit my sister without a stop at Hard Times for the most delicious chili ever.


I am typically not a chili fan, but Hard Times has four options to choose from, and you can get anything from a simple bowl of chili to chili mac (my favorite), which is basically delicious spaghetti.


After dinner I insisted that my sister and I walk to Bracket Room, a bar that has yet to open. For all of you Bachelor fans, Bracket Room is being developed from Chris Bukowski (4th place on Emily’s season of the Bachelorette), and is going to be a sports bar geared towards women–complete with Bachelor viewing parties. Bracket Room doesn’t open until this summer, but I decided that a quick stop for a picture was necessary since I will be in South Carolina when it opens.


After a stop at Pinkberry and Trader Joe’s, Erin and I made the walk back to her apartment for the Ohio State game. Sadly, the Buckeyes suffered a defeat, and the one hope I had for my bracket was lost. It was good while it lasted, I suppose. After a long day of walking and sunshine (oh, and eating!), I passed out during the middle of a Law & Order: SVU episode. What a lively Saturday night!


Up next: Easter at Ikea!

  • What are some of your favorite spots in DC?
  • How are those brackets doing?!

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