Easter at Ikea

Nothing says “Happy Easter” like spending the day in a ginormous furniture/home goods/anything you could ever want store, am I right?

Throughout the long weekend, Erin and I had been discussing a trip to Ikea. Her fiancé, Bryan, wanted to join but sadly had to work each day I was there–except for Sunday. As luck would have it, Ikea was open on Easter Sunday, so we decided that’s how we would spend our holiday! We picked up our friend Dana that morning and were on our way. My goal was to be on the road back to Ohio by two or three that afternoon, and after we arrived I had a pretty good feeling that wouldn’t be happening.

Bryan quickly found an item he wanted to add to his and Erin’s wedding registry–little tiny cups! Perhaps for espresso? You’re only allowed to sip from them pinky-out!


Going in, I didn’t have any expectations in mind. I knew I needed a coffee table and some other odds and ends, but didn’t know exactly what I was looking for. If you’ve never been to Ikea, consider yourself warned. I don’t think it is possible to go in there and not purchase something. They have everything you never knew you always needed. Seriously. The first thing I put in my cart was a napkin holder. Yep, a napkin holder. For that kitchen table I don’t yet own.


After lunch, we continued the search for more things we wanted needed. I was able to find a coffee table and matching end table in a black-brown color at really reasonable prices. I continued to walk and found a TV stand that I fell in love with in the same color. I am all about decorating with picture frames and other odds and ends, so this TV stand/shelving unit caught my eye. And I could not believe the reasonable price! Purchased! Sadly I could not find this unit on the Ikea website, but it is from the Expedit line, for those who might be looking!



On our way to check out we stopped in the kids’ section, of course! Who could resist this stuffed healthy produce?!

"Asparagus," Carrot, Strawberry(L-R Me, Dana, Erin)

“Asparagus,” Carrot, Strawberry
(L-R Me, Dana, Erin)

Can we talk for a second about the item I am holding? The tag said it was broccoli, but I am convinced that it looks more like asparagus. So that’s what I called it.

I obviously also took time out to take a picture with the only bulldog I can currently afford.


After approaching the register in nervous sweats and on the verge of a heart attack, I checked out for a grand total of just under $225–not bad considering what I thought it would be!

And now I leave you with this gem I found while wandering one of the lovely bathroom setups throughout the showroom:

Just in case you weren't sure!

Just in case you weren’t sure!

On that note: Happy Tuesday, and Happy Belated Easter!

  • Where is your favorite place to shop for home necessities?

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