If You Fail to Plan…

This weekend, my days consisted of planning, planning, and more planning.

After all of the thought I put in to my workout motivation last week, I decided that one way to keep myself motivated would be to plan my workouts for the week ahead of time. By planning ahead, I know beforehand what my expectations are for myself and I’m prepared physically and mentally for what’s to come. This week my workouts will consist of my usual group exercise classes (Pump and Boot Camp), possibly trying a Kickboxing class, and a 5-mile run. I’m taking a trip this weekend to Charleston, and I believe my friend is going to take me for a run at the beach, as well! I woke up this morning ready for tonight’s Pump class and was able to stay motivated for it all day. It doesn’t hurt that my instructor is so much fun!

Along with planning my workouts, I planned my meals as well. I’ve been pretty good about eating healthy dinners lately, but I’ve found that I have been throwing lunches together at the last minute and often end up hungry mid-way through the afternoon–not good when I typically go straight from work to the gym! I based this week’s meals on what I already had in my refrigerator/freezer, what I’ve been craving lately (spaghetti squash!), weekly sales at the grocery store, and my farmer’s market favorites. This week’s lunches will be grilled chicken salads, and whatever my coworkers and I find in Columbia (I will be away at a training for two days). Last night I made myself spaghetti squash with grass-fed ground beef I picked up at the local farmer’s market.

spaghetti squash

It definitely satisfied my craving, and I am excited for leftovers! The rest of the week’s dinner will consist of grilled chicken and veggies with roasted sweet potatoes. I don’t know what my deal is lately, but I have a new-found love for onions and mushrooms and I can’t get enough!

As I was thinking about prepping my meals for the week, I started dreading the process of digging through my cabinet to find a matching container and lid to pack my food up in. It only took about 30 seconds before I was in my car and on my way to Walmart to find a solution to the problem. I walked out shortly after with this:



These Rubbermaid containers (couldn’t find the exact set I got, but here is a similar one), cost me only $10 and have already made my life so much easier! The lids stack together in a way that makes storing them so simple and they don’t take up a ton of space. Hooray for organization! Look how pretty today’s meals looked in their new containers:


Along with meal planning/prepping and planning my workouts, I have also been working a lot on the planning of my sister’s bridal shower and bachelorette party next month! Since Erin lives out of state (and so do I, now!), we have been planning to do her bridal shower and bachelorette party the same weekend. While I don’t want to give too many details yet, I will say that I’m having a lot of fun planning it and I can’t wait to share it all with you after the event!

And now, my plan for the rest of this evening is to enjoy The Bachelorette hometown dates and a bowl of popcorn! Have a wonderful Monday evening, folks!



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