Bridal Shower Prep

This past weekend I went home to Ohio for my sister Erin’s bridal shower and bachelorette weekend. Since Erin has lived in Arlington, Virginia long before she got engaged we had planned to do her shower and bachelorette party in the same weekend since it would be more convenient. While it was convenient, it was also exhausting.

Friday morning my alarm went off at 3:30am so I could get ready and catch my 6:45am flight. I live over an hour away from the closest airport, and really need to put more thought into what time I am booking my flights! Thanks to awesome deals at CVS, I was prepared for the drive with a free Starbucks iced coffee. It was clutch.

photo (3)

Thankfully I had planned my travel outfit and packed my bags the night before, so there wasn’t a whole lot I needed to do prior to leaving my apartment except to love on Miss Bella a little bit and load up the car. Since no one was awake to tell me good morning, this thoughtful spider traveled to my apartment overnight so he could greet me as I left. How sweet….

photo (4)

After a brief layover in Chicago (where my first priority was coffee!), I arrived in Cleveland and was greeted by both of my parents. We headed to their house to drop off my stuff before my mom and I headed out to do our grocery shopping for Erin’s shower the next day. After hours (literally) of buying food, we returned to my parents house to begin chopping fruit and veggies in preparation for the next afternoon before heading to the party room where the shower would take place to drop things off and get the tables set up the way we wanted them. The shower took place at the party room in a family friend’s neighborhood, which overlooks a lake.

photo (5)

From there we went to my grandparents’ house to visit with them, but not before stopping to pick up some dinner. You should know that there isn’t a Chipotle near where I live now, so it’s been a rough two months of withdrawal. Naturally that’s where I chose to pick up my dinner from…and it was delicious!

Bowl with brown rice, chicken, pico de gallo, corn salsa, and guacamole

Bowl with brown rice, chicken, pico de gallo, corn salsa, and guacamole

After finishing dinner, it was time to start icing cupcakes for dessert at the shower. I have zero experience as a professional cupcake decorator, and had to text my cousin for instructions. Turns out cutting the corner of a Ziploc bag works pretty well! My grandmother was kind enough to bake the cupcakes, my mom helped me ice them, and my dad and grandfather were excellent taste-testers!

photo (7)




My sister and her fiance, Bryan, arrived at my grandparents’ house around 9:15 or so that evening after being stuck in lovely DC traffic for a bit. We all had dessert before heading back to my parents’ house so I could package prizes for the shower the next day and mentally prepare for what was sure to be a busy day. This girl slept well that night!

I will be back to do separate posts on the shower and bachelorette party rather than one huge post with a million pictures!




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